Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Harry potter dreams? 0_o

I love Harry Potter, both the movies and the books (the books more of course). The latest installment, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1 is hands down my favorite. Therefore it can only be concluded that I'm just as excited for part 2 as the next person. Apparently I'm more excited than I thought because in the past two weeks I have had, count 'em, three dreams about Harry potter-ish stuff.
Not the guy Harry Potter mind you. He was always suspiciously absent in my dreams, but about different plots that happen. From what I can remember, most of it is during the battle at Hogwarts. I'm usually running around battling Voldemort's minions with Ron and Hermione. Now I know what you're thinking, maybe YOU'RE Harry Potter, but I don't believe that's the case. At least....I don't think so. After all I don't want to be a boy in my own dream! These dreams would have been absolutely delightfulsome if it weren't for the fact that my magic is rubbish in my dreams. Every time I tried to cast the Incendio spell (lights an object on fire) or the Reducto curse (blasts solid objects aside), (no wimpy Stupefy for me, I mean business!) nothing happens!
I remember trying to cast spells with all my might and absolutely nothing happened to Bellatrix! It's embarrassing! If, in fact, I am our scarred hero in my dreams I'm letting him down big time!
I remember what part that I thought was cool was during my third dream, Hermione was secretly casting protective charms around Snape. Definitely makes sense considering after all this time he turns out to be .........(I'm not saying in case anyone reading this doesn't know how the story ends haha)
Naturally I told P about them. He was rather disappointed to hear he wasn't in any of them but what can I say? I have no control over them and if I did I certainly would be able to do my share of magic! Have you ever had a crazy dream before? Or maybe two or three?


  1. I really wonder which one of us is weirder. This post might put you in a slight lead.

  2. it's a good thing the body paralyzes itself when you dream so you don't act out your dreams, otherwise you would probably be smacking pete with your wand everytime you fling your wand. christine has been dreaming in harry potter world latley too. I think our water supply might be getting drugged...

  3. You have such a wonderful talent of writing! you touch us, you keep our attention, you grab, you are so good! would love to see you use more of this talent! Good job. love mom