Sunday, April 10, 2011


This weekend was the most awful weekend of P and I's lives but before I write about that, I'm going to post some lovely spring pictures that I took today because it makes me happy.

Rain drops hitting a nearby puddle.

I want to say to this plant, you can do it!

I love how this staircase is leading to nowhere. 

My dad's favorite flower has always been the daffodils.


  1. love these pics...... they just jump out and say so much....... especially the rain drop and the snow one.....

  2. Lovely pics! It is nice and sunny in London too...

  3. Thanks Richard! I heard it was sunny in London this month! When I went it was at the end of April so we had really good weather thank goodness. Thank you! I'm glad you like them. I love the one picture you posted of the men cleaning big Ben.