Saturday, April 23, 2011

How P met C

My mom has been reminding me for months to take my camera when we play hockey together, and the day I finally remembered to bring it, P couldn't come play. So I'll have to bring it again next time. For those of you not familiar with our story, P and I met while playing street hockey. I've been playing for over a year and one day our friend Tony ran into his friend P and invited him to come play with us and well the rest is history.......

Dave and Tony trying to fix Dave's wheel. It wasn't unusually for it to come rolling off during a game.

                                    Me and Tony, thanks to this man I found my P.

             We put our sticks in a pile and then throw them either right or left to determine teams.

 Say hello to defense and offense. These two wonder boys are never allowed to play on the same team together.

                Don't worry folks, I'll take some more pictures when P comes next time.


  1. Man, I used to play street hockey too! By myself, though. I never had anyone to play with! It makes sense, though, since you used to play lacrosse. What a great way to meet! :-)

  2. Thank you! Yeah it's a fun story. Sarah I remember you had hockey blades instead of figuring skating blades but I didn't know you use to play too! Yeah it's definitely a fun story, always takes people by surprise.