Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A couple more wedding pictures

Here are some more of my favorite wedding reception pictures. All of them were taken by my fabulous friend Stef Versey.
 Immediate Family, the parking lot behind us is where P and I first met.

It all started with a kiss.......
My mom and dad and P and I 
My uncle made his wonderful lasagna for our before the reception lunch. I had to wear my apron.

My mom put all the food together with help from all of us. 

Mom and my little niece Tanith.

My family knows how to get down. 
My sister Amy took this picture, it's my favorite of me and my dad. 

My mom helped me figure out what kind of cake I wanted and then she put it together! It was better than I hoped for. 
Friends and family covered our car with shaving cream.

Tony is our friend who introduced P and I to each other by inviting P to play street hockey with us.

P and I and some of my closest friends. 

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  1. casey and peter, love love love all the pictures, it was a beautiful day. love you both