Wednesday, April 27, 2011


 Ever since I was a little girl I have been a huge candy lover. Candy to me was the greatest thing in the entire world. 
Growing up, my best friend Tristan and I use to sell stuff along the side of our neighborhood road for money. Stuff like ice tea, friendship bracelets, old toys.....when we felt like we had acquired enough cash we would ride our bikes to the White Hen pantry and stock up on our favorites sweets. Because let's face it, two nine year olds are going to spend any money they get in five seconds. At our age, saving money was for suckers (pardon the pun). 

We would usually purchase stuff like candy bars, Nerds, fruit tarts, dipsticks (we would always mix the powder together until it was this disgusting gray hue before eating it), even those bottle candies where you had to bite off the top and suck out the juice.
I remember the first time I saw Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory I was dumbstruck. It was an hour and a half of sheer candy delight. My favorite scene was always the very beginning when all the chocolate was being made. 
Whenever they were in the big room where everything was edible, I would always think about my "game plan" if I was ever in a room like that. What would I go to first? What could I stuff in my pockets for later? And where on earth did Violet Beauregarde get that giant gummy bear?
Speaking of Willy Wonka, does anyone remember the ridiculous tunnel part with all the creepy footage? What on earth has that got to do with the rest of the movie? I would always walk out of the room and wait for it to end because as a little kid that part was just down right frightening. I like the new version of the Chocolate factory as well. Just as much if not more delicious candy footage and NO ridiculous tunnel scene.
It's a miracle I haven't gotten one single cavity compared to how much candy I've consumed over the course of my life. I guess it just balances out with the fact that I love to brush my teeth because I love the clean feeling.
When I was younger and I would go to the grocery store with my parents, I use to organize the candy aisle while we were waiting to check out. It was one of my favorite things to do and to this day I'm not really quite sure why. I just enjoyed lining up the chocolate bars neatly, or putting the different flavored Skittles back in their proper boxes. My dad use to joke that the stores should start paying me for all the work I would do.
The strange thing was it was always candy, you'd never find me organizing the canned vegetable aisle or anything like that. I think my little brother shared my love of candy. However, instead of organizing the candy like me, he could always be counted on to sit on the floor by the shopping cart and open a stick or Rolos and start eating them.
 For my birthday, P got me this book called Dylan's Candy Bar. It basically tells you how to decorate with candy. Its one of my favorite books to just look through because the pictures are fantastic and also mouthwatering I might add. P also enjoys his fair share of candy, definitely not as much as me but he still appreciates a nice sweet now and then.
Do you have a favorite candy?


  1. I love candies, but I am trying to be reasonable. Middle age is tough...

  2. That's when you should eat candy! hahah :)