Thursday, March 17, 2011

The big dinner

Well last night was a big night for me. I was asked to take care of the food for a party of around 100 people or women I should say. It was suppose to be elegant but easy so I jotted down a couple buffet ideas and decided on a taco one. Everyone likes tacos right? Especially ones you put together yourself.
We were celebrating the birthday of our Relief Society organization for my church so I wanted to make is special for everyone but also keep the casual feel of the party. We went food shopping on Monday and then I spent Tuesday creating the cute little add ons such as the candy vases in my last post etc....and then yesterday I spent the morning making sure all the meat was cooked and gathering all the boxes I had saved to use to create the layers underneath the table cloths. I also used our phone book (obviously not for it's original purpose, who uses phone books these days?) our Settlers of Catan game, some big books of mine and a shoe box my slippers came in. I wanted the food to be on different levels because I think people get tired of the regular thing.
My mom let me use her beautiful ivy which helped balance the casualness of the tacos with the elegance of the evening. I'm not sure why they picked me to be in charge of it, I mean part of it is because they know I like to cook but I also think they had a feeling I would enjoy it. They were right. I've never done anything like this in my life. At first I was very flattered and also a little surprised but I was grateful for the challenge and the tons of help I received. What was the most interesting thing for me was after a couple days of thinking about it, what I eventually created was what I saw exactly in my head.
I'm really proud of how it turned out. I couldn't have done it with all the help I received. Everyone was so great with asking me what I needed help with and if I liked it this way or that. I'm also grateful they completely turned the reigns over to me even though there were so many more experienced ladies out there. I kinda had a vision I guess you could say of what I wanted to do and they helped me make it happen.
Everyone was so gracious with their compliments and really made me feel good about my work. One lady even commented I should do parties and receptions in my spare time. (haha I don't know about that!) I just really wanted to make everyone proud. Especially my family and my mom but more importantly I wanted to make P proud. He has always believed in me and supported me in everything I do and so I knew I could do this from the beginning. Thanks again for everyone who helped me do this small, but to me big, project and especially to my mom who loaned me some of the decorations. :)

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