Saturday, March 12, 2011

My favorite dogs

Today I'd like to pay a quick tribute to some of my favorite dogs in my life. First and foremost, our family dog. His name is Conner, he's a Dachshund/Corgi mix and the sweetest dog on the planet. He has the quirkiest personality and has an uncanny ability to know when he needs to curl up to someone.
We just recently found out he goes more than a little crazy when you pretend you're looking around and saying 'cat? Where's the cat?'
This is my boss's dog Marley. He's a white lab and still a puppy. She brings him to the office every once in awhile so we can all say hello. He's such a sweetheart and a big goof ball.
The students love it when he comes to the office which isn't very often. He's very friendly and loves to play with anyone that will throw his toys and pet him.
This is P's dog back home. I had so much fun playing with her when we were there visiting. She's been in P's family for a little while now. I really love labs. P and I hope to get one or two someday.
My friend Amy adopted this adorable Italian Greyhound and named her Milly. She's our team mascot for street hockey.

This sleeping hound is known around the neighborhood as Bosco. He is Suzy and my little brother's dog. I think Daniel rescued him from the pound (?) He has a gentle soul and is featured in many of Daniel's excellent photoshop scenes.

*Not represented but still on my list are my brother's two little dogs Dunkin and Brick. Also Ginger, Black Dog, Gertrude, Snickers and Charlie aka Good luck Chuck.


  1. Love dogs! our best friend, when you cry they are they to listen and they do not talk back! lol

  2. Me, Bosco, Sheba, Gertrude, Snickers, and Black-Dog couldn't be more offended.

  3. So cute puppies.

    Milly! I should wear makeup. Jean's right. She's come a long way in her courage levels since that party.

  4. haha yep! She's still a little skittish but definitely has gotten braver since Jake's party.