Tuesday, March 15, 2011

So tomorrow we're having a big dinner and fireside for our relief society and I'm in charge of the dinner. I found this amazing way to display flowers and since I had the square vases I couldn't resist. I'm going to display them on the tables with the food.

The color theme is white, blue and gold. I went to every store I could think of to see if there was any elegant golden candy out there but I didn't find any. I did however find some gorgeous silver chocolate covered almonds. I'll have to find a use of them someday so I can justify getting them!

Here's the link if anyone's interested to see how to do it, it's very simple!


  1. That's pretty darn fancy for a church dinner. It looked like a church dinner cause it's in a gym. :) We need to have a fancy dinner soon. You are in charge of the decorations.

  2. I scrolled too far. That comment was intended for the posting above. However, while I'm here, those are really cool centerpeices.

  3. hahah yeah it definitely was for a church dinner. Yay I would love to do the decorations! I'll bring the centerpieces to except the candy will be different. The little kids ate all the gumballs after the dinner was over. hahah