Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hike and Geocaching

  P and I decided to go for a nice hike today. The weather wasn't the greatest but still a nice day. Something P and I love to do together is look for Geocaches. Geocaching is sort of like a world wide treasure hunt. People all over the world hide containers in different places and then send out a hint and the coordinates to the location and then people put them in their GPS system and set out to look for them. Once they find them they sign the log and often people will leave little trinkets for people to take. But the rule is if you take something you have to leave something.
My friend Amy introduced me to it a couple years ago and I in turn introduced it to P. He loves it just as much as I do. It's so exciting to find them. People who don't know about geocaches are called "muggles".
We weren't able to find the one we were looking for today so we'll have to try again later. The walk was really beautiful. It was nice to get out of the house and explore trails in the mountains. Luckily a love for hiking and camping is something P and I have in common.
I grew up in Indiana and we lived across the street from a state park. One of my family's favorite activities was hiking the trails and walking along the creek bed. It took us awhile to get anyway because my oldest brother loved to build dams along the creek so we always had to stop and wait while he built them up. To this day he still loves to do it.
Halfway through our hike, my camera's batteries died. I'll have to remember to bring extra next time. Oops!

If anyone wants to learn more about Geocaching, here's the website:


  1. Why are we still not geocaching friends? What's your profile name?

  2. Because my dear I can't remember my log in ID or my password! I'll have to create a new account, but I've been signing my logs as Bowie7.

  3. Hi casey! thanks for the follow...I am following you back. I love your pictures. You see, I am a city girl, so it is very different for me!

  4. Hi! Thank you! London is my favorite city in the world so I'm excited to get your take on it! :)

  5. You must take me on a geocaching hike! Let's make a girls day out of it soon? And I'm adding your blog to my list!

  6. For sure! That would be a lot of fun! Your basement looks fantastic by the way!