Tuesday, June 28, 2011


My co worker just got married and while relaying her wonderful honeymoon trip to me it got me thinking....

Did I ever tell you guys about the embarrassing plight that P 
and I found ourselves in upon returning home from our honeymoon?

P and I flew to Mexico the morning after we got married and had the most splendid time possible.
The plan was we were going to fly home on Thursday night and then catch another flight to Pennsylvania early that next morning for the reception we were going to have out there.
We had stayed at the La Quinta Inn near the airport and for an extra $5 we were able to park our car in their lot for the duration of our trip to Mexico. After we got home late Thursday night,
we drove home slept for a couple hours and drove back the airport. What we should have done is stayed at the Inn again so that we could have left our car there again for our trip to Pennsylvania but due to poor planning on my part we didn't.


We got to the airport and parked our car in the long term parking lot and boarded the shuttle 
and began our two day journey to the airport. Ok it wasn't two days but
it took forever to get there and P and I were cutting it close as it was. In fact we cut it so 
close that we had to catch a later flight but that's a different story.

The point is after two days of joyous celebration we flew home from PA. 

Our plane landed early afternoon on Sunday and we slowly made our way to the parking lot.

Needless to say we were beyond exhausted and all we wanted to do was go home.

As P and I stepped off the bus at what we thought was our terminal, it hit us.
We had both forgotten to write down our lot letter and number.
We were in the Sahara desert of 
vehicles and we had no idea which direction to head. 

So we did the sensible thing, P took out his car fob and started clicking the button hoping against 
hope we would hear our car cheerfully chirping at us like a goose honking for her goslings. 


And so began our trek. We ended up dragging our luggage and our weary bodies around the 
parking lot for an hour. 

It was about 75 degrees out.....and of course I had to pee.

I stopped being useful to P after about forty minutes because all I saw were mirages that 
made me need to pee even more.

When we finally stumbled upon our car, P had to stop me from kissing it. From then on I have always loved the sight of our car. 

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