Thursday, July 7, 2011


Recently my best friends and I had a college reunion in the beautiful state of 
Oregon aka Rivendell. Danielle's family lives there and was kind enough 
to let us stay with them while we were there.

   My second home

 Eileen (Danielle's mom) has one of the most beautiful garden in the world, it's one of my favorite places to be.

 To the left is me and our gracious host Jean Pierre and to the right with our two friends Zach and Paul

 JP with his daughter Christa. My two best friends Betsey and Danielle. Danielle is also JP's daughter.

JP was born and raised in Switzerland. He can speak about five or six languages. Before we left for the day, JP sent us off with a beautiful prayer spoken in Swiss for us. 

     Scooter                                         Sterling aka old Chinese man              Bunny Bunny
Me and my friend Zach                                Eileen and Danielle                           Christa 

                                    One of the greatest members of the Boinay family. 

                    The first place we went to was the beautiful Portland Rose Gardens. 

*not a picture taken by me because clearly I'm on a hill taking another picture.

We also spent the day in fantastic downtown Portland.

                Speaking of keeping Portland weird, who just leaves a pile of hotdog buns on the sidewalk? Very weird.....

 *This picture of the Chocolate sign was taken by Betsey

 One of my favorite stores in Portland is 3 Monkeys.

These are some of the most fantastic cards I've ever seen.

Anybody who knows Portland knows that Voodoo doughnuts is one of the most important stops you can make.

 *These two picture above were taken by Betsey

                    Me and Paul excited for some doughnuts.        Walking up the beach. Betsey took these pics.

To me Friday was known as "GOONIE DAY!" What kid hasn't grown up loving the movie
The Goonies? We went to Astoria and Cannon Beach to see 
all the places that The Goonies was filmed.

                                                                            *website picture
The first place we hit up was the actual house that was used as Mikey and Brand Walsh's house aka The Goonie house. 

Right next door was the house that was used as Data's house. Data was the character who 
had all the crazy inventions. He often crashed into the Walsh's door instead of entering it.
*website picture

*website picture

There is a scene that didn't make the final cut in the movie, but it featured 
the Goonies being chased into this store to escape Troy. To the left is the picture
I took while we waited at a stop light. To the right is the store in the scene from the movie.
                                                         *website picture
*website picture
The next stop was the museum that Mr. Walsh worked at and also the jail
that the Fratellis escaped from.

                                                                                                             *website picture

                                                                                             *website picture
                                                                                                                  *website picture
                   They had the actual jeep that was driven by Mama Fratelli in the movie.
     They even signed the dashboard. The bullet holes that Chunk spotted and tried to warn the other Goonies about.

                                 *website picture
*website picture

This is the actual beach where the Goonies looked through One Eyed Willy's coin and saw the rocks line up.

                                                                                                                      *web image         

                                        *website picture
*website picture

          Me                                                                                                        Betsey

Saturday morning we went to the Portland Temple. It's unbelievably 
breathtaking inside and out. 

Betsey, me and Danielle

We also hit up Tilamook factory where the most amazing cheese is made. 

 It was so cool to see how the cheese was packaged. Unfortunately we had gotten there near closing time so we didn't get to see any of the cheese being made but atleast they still had samples to try!

me with the cows. If I had to guess what they were thinking it would be 'eat more chicken'. 

Saturday night we spent the evening at our good friends the Coopers exchanging 
memories and funny stories. 
It was good seeing our old roommate Val and her family again.
 Baby Turin and proud dad                 Betsey, Paul and Val                         Betsey and Sydney
  Darling London
Val and Dillion

Sunday was our last day in Portland, we spent the morning attending church,
and then we hiked around a gorgeous waterfall.
Almost all the waterfall pictures were taken by Betsey.

 Betsey, me and Danielle                                                                Zach, me and Danielle

                                                      Zach, me, Danielle and Paul

I'm not quite sure what we're all looking at....

It was such a great trip but I'm happy to be home to P again. Apparently while I was 
gone, even though I armed him with plenty of frozen dinners, he ate
PB&J the whole time. Thank goodness I'm back to stop him. 


  1. So jealous. Where do I even begin to start about what I'm most jealous about. Possible voodoo doughnuts. But Goonies!!! And waterfalls!!! And beaches!!!!!!!

  2. Jealous is of course expected hahah. You and I need to take a road trip and scout out all the places they filmed Karate Kid. I've always wanted to hit up Golf 'N' Stuff.

  3. Lovely pictures. I have never been to Oregon and your pics make me want to go!

  4. Thank you! If you ever make it to the states you have to go to Oregon! It's so beautiful there.