Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tag you're it!

Here's how it works:
list 7 random facts that people might not know about you (to get to know each other better!) then pass the award along to more lovely bloggers. My lovely friend Marci tagged me so it's my turn!

1. I was born in Indiana and then lived in Chicago until I was 12 and then moved
back to Indiana where I graduated high school before leaving for 
college in Idaho.

2. I loved spending time with my siblings when I was growing up. I would hang out
all the time with my four brothers. It was because of them I learned to 
love sports so much. 

3. French toast and lasagna are my two favorite foods in the entire world.

4. I only have one kidney, my right one was removed when I was a baby because it hadn't 
developed correctly. Before I married P, whenever I brought a guy home, my brother Joey made sure 
that was the first thing he told them just to embarrass me. Lol gotta love brothers.

5. The original Karate Kid is my all time favorite movie...."put 'em in a body bag Johnny! Yeahhh!"

6. I love speaking in public....aka public speaking!

7. My biggest fear when I was growing up was that someone would attack my dad's plane 
while he was flying it. (He was a captain for American Airlines for 20 or so years.) 

Ok now it's your turn! AmyKellie, and Jenni  I would love 
to read what your 7 things are!

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