Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Ballet......and some food

My sister in law owns a pair of Point shoes 
so I thought it would be fun to do some pictures with them. *Disclaimer* Those are my feet 
so obviously I'm not the one taking the me I'm not that Fllleexible.
It's either our lovely Mr. P taking them or my friend Ryanbroth.
 I've always had a healthy respect for Ballet dancers.
I couldn't imagine being able to do what 
they can do.
When I borrowed the shoes I assumed that 
as long as I had a way to hoist myself up and hold it there, I could stand
on Pointe for as long as I wanted.....
Not true
Standing like that was next to impossible and I had something to 
hold on to. I can't imagine the training and the difficulty 
it takes to get to the level that Ballerinas are at.
 My calves are still killing me.
So moral of the story is I don't know how they do it but 
what they do is Incredible.

Also, I was planning on giving you guys this awesome
chicken dinner recipe but it's 
 MIA at the moment so I hope you can settle for 
a picture for now and take my word it was delicious.

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  1. That chicken looks good. Why don't you send out the delta force and find that recipe. What's it called or the main flavors anyhow?