Sunday, February 6, 2011

Chaos Cookies

So on Saturday our church was having a Soup N Bowl party and we were asked to either bring our favorite soup or a plate of cookies to share and any board games your family likes playing. A little while ago, I had stumbled upon this blog with a recipe for Oreo cookies baked into chocolate chip cookies. I bookmarked it and decided to try it someday. Well that day came in the form of a soup N bowl party. At the request of Mr. P I decided to try my hand at them. I assembled all the ingredients and sat my laptop on top of the microwave so I could watch one of my favorite movies as I worked (Jaws). I decided to double the recipe and it's a good thing I did. Although the recipe says it will produce two dozen, it only made an even dozen. The technique is pretty simple, the only thing you have to watch is when you're molding the dough around the Oreo, be careful you don't crack the cookie or else it won't be as nice a presentation. And presentation means a lot to me.

The name chaos cookies comes from Mr. P because of the two cookies in one concept. I have a tendency to agree with him. I was a little worried that people wouldn't try them at first because, besides the lump in them, they look like ordinary chocolate chip cookies. Boy was I wrong. I sat them down at the end of the cookie line and walked with Mr. P to get our salad and soup. By the time I was done, the plate I had put the cookies on was completely gone. So I sat my food down and went back to the kitchen and refilled the plate with more cookies and grabbed two, one for me and one for Mr. P just in case. A little while later I went back up to check on them and not only was the plate empty again but they had somehow managed to figure out where the rest of them were stored on the counter in the kitchen.
Our favorite thing about the night was picking out people in the crowd that were eating our cookies and then  watching them take a bite. Almost every time they would stare at the cookie in shock and then go scampering off to show someone else what was in the middle.

I had a lot of our friends come up to us and tell us it was all their tables were talking about. So the cookies were a hit, the only regrettable thing is it didn't produce as many cookies as I had hoped but oh well. For those of you who would like the recipe, please visit Becky's blog:
One of these days I will, pardon the expression, cook up the nerve to try Julia Child's Beef Bourguignon, but cookies with even more cookies baked into them will have to do.....for now.

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  1. Hello! Yes I remember lando telling me about you! My mother actually handed down the cutting board to me and it was a handmade gift to her so I don't know where it's from sorry! But there are so many great cutting boards out there I'm sure you can find an even better one! And I know lando already told you what kind of camera but it's mainly the lens that makes it so great, the smaller the aperture the more blurry you can get, I have a 50mm that goes down to 1.4 and a 35mm that goes to a 2.0 and the best thing is those are the cheaper lenses of the bunch! Hope that helps and it's not a completely foreign language to you! Lovely blog, I'm a new follower! :)