Sunday, February 27, 2011


This past Monday was my birthday. I already had the day off from work because it was President's Day, so P, being the gracious husband that he is, arranged to have his day off be that day as well. The morning began with P surprising me with breakfast in bed and then letting me open a couple of my smaller presents. My big present was still on it's way and wasn't due to arrive for a couple more days. He got me a new bottle of my favorite perfume, and a book I've been drooling over for some time. It's called Dylan's Candy Bar. In it it talks about the history of candy, how to decorate  with it, and how Dylan came about opening her store.
After a quick lunch, we headed to one of my favorite places in the world. Barnes and Noble.
Despite P's objections to personal reading for pleasure, he does enjoy sitting in our little corner by the calendars with a pile of books at his feet.
I have a little method I like to use when deciding whether or not a book will interest me. First off, it has to have an arresting spine and cover. Something that's going to get my attention as I scan the shelves. Whoever said "never judge a book by it's cover" obviously didn't have a lot of covers to choose from. Next, I read the back flap to find out the plot. One thing that bugs me the most is when you turn the book over to have a look at the summary, but instead, they've chosen to wallpaper it with praises and awards for the book. It's like they think they can just trick you into reading it because someone at the daily gazette thought that it was spellbinding and "the best read I've found all year!" If there is a summary, and if I'm still keen on reading it, I read the first chapter. If I'm still interested after that chances are I'll probably be willing to give it a go. However, if my mind starts to wander, I   generally end up putting it back. No matter how interesting the cover looks.

After being there for a couple hours we headed home. Later that night, P surprised me by taking me to my favorite restaurant, Biaggi's. Every time I go there I always order the same thing. Chicken Marsala. It's absolutely fantastic.
Overall it was a fantastic birthday but mostly because I was able to spend it with Mr. P. I look forward to many birthdays to come with him.....and in case you're wondering, my big present was a photo studio in-a-box. I love it!