Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New place!

Sorry for the lack of posting lately.
P and I just barely moved into our new place and we lovvvvee it. 
It's so much nice than our old place.


  1. just lovely..why dont you invite us over sometime!! ha

  2. Anytime Val anytime! Gotta return the favor for letting us coming over to the Cooper crib when we were there! Bring those kids while you're at it! I'll send Tom to come up and get you in the bus.

  3. casey! i just came across this post! helllllo! its so adorable! i love it so much! especially i love the way you've decorated/organized the kitchen. it looks like such a nice apartment with a decent amount of sunshine! great job girlfriend! i love the mason jars and the s hooks a lot, i'm inspired (:

  4. oh my gosh i just noticed the plant with the fish! fabulous! we have to come over some time for sure!