Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A classic fair with classic cars

I love fairs and this weekend I was able to enjoy a fun filled day at the Peach day celebration. They had rides, booths and of course blocks and blocks of classic cars. Before the fair opened up, a parade strolled down Main St.


 Anybody know what's missing here? No candy is being thrown. It was very disappointing.

My parents met up with me later on after the parade and after strolling around the rides for a little while and scaring my little niece to death, (the noises from the rides were too much for her) we decided to let my dad (and mum) indulge in some automotive eye candy.

Anybody else remember the part in Charlotte's Web when the rat is running around the fair at night singing about how great it is to eat the garbage?



 Kristina does a lot of things on her own. Posing in front of cars is one of them.

 I love the little yellow mini.

 The middle is a picture of Kristina trespassing in someone's motor trailer that was on display. Like I said, she does things on her own.

Eventually dad decided that he'd had enough of Kristina's shenanigans so he put her on his shoulders. A few mins later mum and I heard dad telling Kristina to knock it off and we looked over and saw that Kristina had managed to ruffle dad's hair to the point where it was sticking straight up. I apologize for no picture. I was laughing too hard. 

ps. after I finished writing this blog and had P proofread it for me, I started singing the song that the rat sings while eating the garbage from the fair and P leaned over and said, did you look up the lyrics? No P I have them memorized still, how sad is that!?


  1. From what I've heard, last year a child was hit by a car while trying to get candy. So they changed the rule that all candy/items had to be passed out at the end of the parade and not thrown from vehicles.

    My kids got tired of the parade before the end.

    I personally think a better idea would be to make the candy throwers walk alongside, and then they can keep the candy out of the road.

  2. I'm surprised you didn't try and stuff that little yellow mini in your purse and make off with it.

    That's stupid about the candy. One kid in 100 years gets hit by a car and now we all have to suffer for it. Hehe. I'm heartless. Parader's of the world (or at least BC) unite and rebel! I saw just do the candy next year. Stick it to the man! With taffy!

  3. sooo many pretty pictures! i love it! looks like it was so fun! and yeah i loved that part on charlotte's web! haha!